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Booking Form

Booking Conditions
  • Deposit of 20% or Rs.2000 is required during booking.
  • Passengers who wish to postpone or cancel the flight for any reason will be subject to the cancellation fees.
Terms and Conditions
  • Three Sixty paragliding reserves the right to delay, postpone or cancel the flights if conditions are not favorable.
  • Every Passengers is fully insured according to thr existing Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal's rules and regulations and it will be covered within Nepal only.
Personal Declaration
I have read and fully understand the above information. I recognize that the realities made clear in this information reflect the intrinsic characteristics of an adventure sport such as Paragliding where there is an element of personal risk, not only do I accept these realties but I have chosen to seek them out.
I recognize 360 Paragliding responsibilities to me and I accept the authority and decision of 360 Paragliding and its representatives in respect to the activity I have signed up for.