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Why Paragliding is so much fun?

Almost th best addition to any Himalaya adventure holiday, you may dare one of man’s oldest dreams - to fly through the air, like a bird. Flying in tandem with a professional paragliding pilot, soaring over the beautiful Fewa Lake in the Pokhara Valley, thermaling up to the cloudbase you can share the Himalayan skies with vultures and eagles.

Probably the most exhilarating, peaceful and pure form of aviation yet invented, Three Sixty Paragliding allows you to experience the incredible feeling of free flying, among magnificent valleys, glaciers and mountain peaks, with only sound of the wind! Viewed from top mountain is all covered with a rice field patches, small villiges are all the way, people are welcoming each other in the sky and shouting laud "Namaste" from the ground.

Paragliding is very similar to hang-gliding. In fact they are essentially the same activity, done with different type of the wing. The advantage of paragliders is that they have a less rigid frame than hang gliders, and are much easier to land, which gives them a big advantage over the hang-gliders. The inflatable wing that suspends you and your pilot is made from the hi-tech material and even the smallest line can handle the load of 100kg, glider has hundreds of them.

Tandem flying involves a pilot flying with you as a passenger. Both of you will have a separate harness that is attached to each other and to the wing with spreadbars. Launching always happens into wind, as the wing moves up over the pilot and passenger into a position in which it can carry the both. After lauch you sit back and ride comfortably.

Your "Adventure with 360 Paragliding" will take you to mountain Sarangkot. Normaly the ride takes 18-25 minutes and meanwhile three of the highest mountains in the world may be seen. After a short pre-flight briefing you will be trained how to takeoff and land successfully. Once in the air you can relax and enjoy the view and chat with your pilot.

Paragliding is really a wonderful sport activity and Pokhara is in the top 10 Wolrds Best Paragliding sites. This adventure is truly recomended from personal experience.

Be sure to take your video or still camera with you – photos will bring back your experience and add a special note to you gallery.
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